Advertoons -

A Great Small Business Marketing Idea And More



Catering to the Consumer
There are many small business marketing ideas you have probably come across. As a small business you don't have the resources of a Fortune 500 company and presumably you can't afford a multi-million dollar advertising campaign to help brand your company's products and get your message across to potential customers. This is why many of our clients are convinced that Advertoons are a perfect small business marketing idea.

After we created one of the top cartoon websites, cartoonjazz many of our clients asked us to design custom cartoons for them. They realized it was one of the best small business marketing ideas because we could create top-notch custom cartoons
for a small fraction of what it would cost them elsewhere - for a much less compelling product. Before we knew it we had created a new industry and coined it Advertoons.(see our case studies for several examples). Advertoon can put you on the business map. They can be used in newspaper or magazine ads, on websites, on flyers, in tradeshows or anywhere your want to communicate your message to prospective customers.

Just as the Internet allows a small business to look like a big one, Advertoons are the small business marketing idea that affords anyone access to one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Just one Advertoon can give you the unique identity in your marketplace that you need to differentiate yourself from the competition. We know the competitive landscape because our parent company, Business Management Solutions, Inc. has worked with dozens of small businesses in a variety of industries. So in addition to providing you with great custom Advertoons, we can also help you with the following...

  • Custom Websites- Starting as little as $399- another of our compelling small business marketing ideas.

  • Business Plans- Whether you are looking to raise money or formalize your strategic planning a good business plan is vital for both big AND small businesses. We can help your produce an attractive and effective plan that allows you to put your ideas into action

  • Marketing Programs - We can develop and implement marketing programs for any business. We have special strength in both the direct marketing and telemarketing arenas.