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June 2005 is launched as a separate website. Advertoons had become such a popular sales and marketing tool that they deserved their own forum.

May 2005
The New Jersey Business and Industry Association, the largest state-wide business association in the U.S.A. starts publishing cartoons in their magazine. They realized that even businessmen have a sense of humor and that a good cartoon will get people's attention and be a good sales and marketing tool to attract advertisers.

October 2004
The United States Table Tennis Association starts publishing Cartoons in their national magazine. Since everyone loves cartoons they felt it would be a useful sales and marketing tool to attract more members

August 2004
Shuz magazine featured cartoons. This proved that even though some women crave shoes more than life itself, another sales and marketing tool to drive readers to the magazine didn't hurt.

April 2004
Physicians Money Digest realized that cartoons could be a good sales and marketing tool to attract readers and  cartoons were featured for the first time in their monthly magazine.

December 2003 is born. It wasn't clear at the time that the great cartoons on would evolve into one of the most effective sales and marketing tools in business but the laughter and buzz the site generated was an auger of things to come.


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