A Sampling of Clients who found Advertoons A Unique Small Business Marketing Solution

Not all of our clients are small, but those that are have found Advertoons for be a perfect small business marketing solution because of their flexibility and cost effectiveness. They work well whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or service professional, as seen below.

  • The Leader Store - (High Tech Retail Sporting Goods with old fashioned customer service)

    They found Advertoons to be an especially effective small business marketing solution because they have been trying to brand their store for years even though it has been a fixture in the community for decades. As a seasonal business they asked us to create a cartoon character that could be utilized in a variety of Advertoons (click here to see an example)

  • Streamline Studies - (A Top Tier Hotel Consulting Firm)

    They came up with a new program that required a small business marketing solution. It was a shorter, less expensive study, that was more affordable than their standard more extensive hotel analyses. We were able to develop a succinct, humorous Advertoon that graphically conveyed their new concept (click here to see an example)

  • Marc D. Binder, CPA- Accountant -

    Yes, even accountants need small business marketing solutions. All professionals, be they consultants, lawyers or even doctors need more business. A little humor goes a long way in humanizing any firm. (click here to see an example)

  • Family Home Lending- Mortgage Broker -

    This is an especially competitive field that requires creative small business marketing solutions so that one company stands out from the pack. (click here to see an example)

  • Purify My Air - Air Purifiers

    So many brands, so much to choose from. It is vital that a small business marketing solution be powerful enough so a business can compete on a level playing field with the big boys. We focused on three different features of air purifiers. (click here to see an example)