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Business Marketing Advertising tool

Everyone is looking for a unique business marketing advertising concept. It seems that everything has been done or been rehashed and is boring, stultifying and dull. We have been told that Advertoons is one of the freshest new approaches to advertising and branding a product in years (we are blushing).

For a small fraction of what a major ad agency would charge, Advertoon.com can provide you with a custom , beautifully drawn cartoon that can illustrate and convey your core company values in a compelling , memorable and humorous fashion to your core prospects. This is business marketing advertising at it’s best because it is both funny and focused.

We take your core products and services and pare them down to the essentials. Once we understand your demographics, who your are trying to reach and what you are trying to say- we provide you with one or more detailed Advertoon concepts and captions. You choose the best among them, from which we will develop and Advertoon draft. After further discussion we will amend the draft all the while constantly refining the concept. The final result is a unique business marketing advertising tool that is tailored to your needs. It is sent to you as a JPEG and can be utilized in your newspaper ads, website, flyers, trade show displays- in short, anywhere your want to convey your message and enhance your image.

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